William Neuheisel

Below are a few of the projects I've worked on over the years.

Global Zero

Global Zero is an international non-partisan group of world leaders dedicated to achieving the elimination of nuclear weapons.

In July 2015, I worked with Global Zero to build a mobile-friendly interactive petition micro-site which allowed activists to upload pictures of themselves with messages to Congress urging them to ratify the Iran nuclear deal.

Online at: www.globalzero.org/iran

Patten Studio

Patten Studio is a cutting-edge interaction design, visual arts, and technology company founded by MIT Media Lab graduate and TED Fellow James Patten. Working with Patten Studio's graphic designer, I built a new site to better showcase their dazzling, futuristic projects.

The site features beautiful typography, and is built in Wordpress for easy maintenance. It features a responsive design that adapts layout and typography to smaller screens.

It includes several performance optimizations, such as loading smaller versions of images, and ajax infinite scroll, to save bandwidth on mobile devices. It also utilizes responsive, swipe-gesture-friendly carousels to show off the eye-popping images of their work.

Online at: www.pattenstudio.com

Progress out of Poverty Index

The Progress out of Poverty Index® (PPI®) is a poverty measurement tool for organizations and businesses with a mission to serve the poor.

As Marketing Lead, I managed the Drupal-based website in three languages, and undertook a series of projects to overhaul the site template to improve user-interface and performance.

Online at: www.progressoutofpoverty.org


Lines+Stars is a journal of poetry and short prose in in Washington, DC. In 2015, I worked to update the site design to take advantage of responsive design techniques and web typography options that had become available in the time since the site was originally designed.

The site now features beautiful typography with a high focus on readability, and a responsive design that dynamically resizes the text size on small screens to preserve the authors' line breaks.

Online at: www.linesandstars.com

Grameen Foundation

In 2013, Grameen Foundation updated it's branding and logo. To match the new style, and to reorganize the site toward our most current marketing and communications goals, we began a redesign of the flagship website. As Online Marketing Officer, I served as project lead working with our vender, Firefly Partners.

The site features a responsive layout and is built on Drupal for content management.

Online at www.grameenfoundation.org


In 2011, I worked with Robert Egger to help manage the online efforts for C-Forward — the first ever political action committee for the nonprofit sector.

I managed the website (built on Expression Engine), updating the main template and campaign action pages, writing content, and curating news.

Online at www.cforward.org

Red Bird Marketing

In 2009, Jonathan Goldfuss needed a website for his new venture, Red Bird Marketing. Using design comps by Anemone Design, I built the site in Wordpress for content management.

Lady Legacy Foundation

In 2009, I worked with the Lady Legacy Foundation to build a Wordpress-based website, using graphic design by Anemone Design.

Archived at: www.nonprofitwebbie.org/ladylegacy